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There are four basic factors that influence how quickly and for how much your home will sell:

  • Price - How much are you asking people to pay and is that amount reasonable based on what has recently sold?  Is your price in line with what else buyers can buy now for that same amount of money?

  • Condition - How does your home look compared to other available homes in that price range?  Does your property's condition match the price you've chosen and still beat the competition?

  • Marketing – Who is the most likely buyer for your property and does the staging / marketing plan reach that target market?  Does your house stand out from the competition in the online marketplace? How many people will know your home is for sale who can bring you a qualified Buyer AND close the deal?

  • Motivation – What is your motivation for selling and how does it match your stated goals, the market condition, and your Realtor's® selling plan? Does your Realtor understand and share your selling goals such that her marketing reflects them?

A great Realtor® will listen to your motivation, goals, and limits and advise you based on what makes the most sense for your particular financial and emotional situation, not just her own selling quotas.   

Your agent should tailor her advice to what’s in your best interests, not just hers. She should not be afraid to lose your sale (and her commission) or wait for your business to do what’s ultimately right for you.  That's what being a fiduciary really means.  Really good agents won't take overpriced listings because this is not in your best interest.  Really great agents don't just use your house to attract new buyers, so they can increase their commissions with other sales. 

So when you decide to sell your home, please contact me and let me show you how I can help you make wiser decisions!

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