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A little information about me...

·        Peripatetic since the age of 2 (eldest child of a jet-setting advertising executive mother and a roving cultural anthropologist father), I was raised abroad, lived on 4 continents growing up, and have traveled in over 30 different countries, most of which were in South & East Asia and Europe. I have lived in 4 U.S. states in the past 15 years… so, yes, I understand little bit about what it means to move around.

·        I picked up and moved to The Triangle in 2006 after unintentionally visiting it for the first time on what was supposed to be a weekend road trip to check out Charleston.  (You should know up front that my sense of direction is really abysmal, though I do always find my way.)   Instead I spent three days exploring the Triangle, had a wonderful experience.  On my return flight, an article in The Economist named the Triangle one of the most stable areas in the South, so I immediately relocated here without knowing a soul.  It's now been 7+ years and I know I made the right choice picking The Triangle.  It's a wonderful place to live, work, play, and invest.

·        I try to leave the country at least once a year to visit new places and expose myself to other cultures, people, architecture, and ideas.  I find this makes me more well-rounded as well as more grounded and curious. I also thoroughly enjoy seeing property and building practices in other countries and cultures.

·        I am a fanatic gourmand, lover of the public library, ongoing property investor, enthusiastic though untrained cook, NPR-Sustainer, slightly obsessive neat-freak, documentary film junkie, budding ballroom dancer, avid museum go-er, beginning gardener, committed dumpster-diver, perpetual student, ongoing home-fixer, energy efficiency nerd, opera enthusiast, and eternal traveler.

·        Likes: inquisitiveness, planning, research, challenges, dry humor, TED Talks, large rocks, data & statistics, fences, shared responsibility, metal roofs, amortizing most things, my passport, modern structures / furniture, international travel, older houses, birds at my bird feeders, efficiency in most areas (except words), sustainable building & retrofitting, cooking daily, universal design principles, home renovation projects, long term planning, finding deals, the art of Bonsai, big sunglasses, irises, moss, chunky soups, eggplants, almost all cheeses, mangos, and fresh kale

·        Dislikes: apathy, keeping up with The Jones-es, lots of grassy lawn, lack of curiosity, mediocre professionals, preventable wastage, TV commericials, paying more than something is worth, choppy floorplans, unwillingness to learn, the deer who eat my garden, refusal/denial of change, driving across bridges, thoughtless home designs, poor table manners, pressure selling tactics, unconscious consumption, prickly / thorny plants, McMansions, ear-buds, lima beans, tapioca pudding, and the smell of baby powder

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