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Make Carolina Home

I'm not your typical real estate agent...

Following are the core principles that guide how I interact with clients:

  • I believe that while a house can be your home, it is also a major financial asset / liability and should always be treated as such.


  • I don’t believe in keeping up with the proverbial Jones’ or encouraging others to do so. Educate yourself and then make sensible, reasonable decisions that are right for you, your pocket book, and your life goals.


  • Regardless of my personal views, I am fiscally conservative - especially when dealing with your money and assets. I do not believe in high pressure sales tactics or wasting anyone's time with gimmicky marketing hype, up-selling, or slick-talking.


  • I like my clients to take their finances seriously and expect me to do the same. Buying or selling a home has major financial and emotional consequences and I respect my clients by treating it as such. I expect you to do the same.


  • In general, I believe the average person should not overspend on or over-invest in their homes - especially without a well thought out exit plan. I don’t encourage property buying & selling for all people because not everyone should own real property. Property ownership is a huge, time-consuming, illiquid, sometimes volatile encumbrance that is a major responsibility.


  • Buying, owning, and selling a home successfully requires some sort of long term fiscal planning. At the very least, I want my clients to have a decent understanding of the pros and cons of what upkeep and carrying costs could be during property ownership as well as realistic expectations of what it costs to prepare and sell their house.


  • I expect my clients to know what they can and cannot realistically afford  at the beginning of our partnership. It works best when you share that information with me up front (though after you’ve hired me as their agent), so we stay focused and don't waste time. And it’s OK if you need help figuring out what those figures are or determining what is reasonable for you to expect – I can assist you there too. I just don’t work well with clients who maintain unrealistic or unreasonable fiscal expectations in the face of valid data and facts.


  • Clients usually hire me because they want to deal directly with a caring, competent, honest real estate professional who only focuses on their best interests. They don't want to be handed off to an assistant or farmed out to another junior team member who won't have the field experience or negotiating expertise I have developed.


  • I expect my clients to respect my time and our appointments, and seriously consider my advice and referrals. This way I can best deliver exceptional service to help you meet your goals.



My clients hire me to take their finances and goals seriously. They want defensible, hard data  as well as honest, caring advice  and answers to help them assess what is possible and what is reasonable.  My objective is always to protect my clients’ best interests.


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