I don't do this by myself...

I am a full time real estate broker, a professional market expert, and a certified building analyst. I know I'm really excellent in these areas. I also have good sense of what makes a home look attractive, can take decent photos, understand how to measure a house, and am fairly adept with computers and organization.   

However, I am NOT

·      a professional photographer

·     a nationally certified stager

·      a skilled floor plan creator

·      a trained website designer

But it often takes some or all of these specialists to make your property desirable and marketable in this still correcting market. 

So when I accept your listing, I hire and personally pay for these exceptional professionals to make sure your home looks its best and we have a high quality product to market.

I feel strongly that all of my listings deserve this level of attention and paid professionalism.  It's what makes them sell faster and for more money than the competition.